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DAY 1 - Section 1 (1-20km)

On day one, we finished the first of 10 sections of the MacLehose trail. We were only able to finished the first one as we had a late start. We packed all of our stuff in our hotel in the morning and were only missing white gas for our MSE whisperlite stove. Man, was this a journey to get this... We went to 10 different outdoor stores (e.g. Protect, RCI,...)and although all of them carried the stove, did not sell any white gas. Due to the limited English skills, we also did not get a clear answer where we could buy it. Eventually, we found a small stretch that had a few very tiny repair shops and we ended up buying lighter gas in a beer bottle for 12HKD, that was a good deal, but it took us over 2 hours to finally find something.

Once we go off the bus at the trail head, we were on our way on the first section at 3:20pm. The trail was along a road most of the time. This road had some car traffic and all people driven by us looked very surprised at us. I guess it is not a common sight…

The MacLehose Trail - 100km through Hong Kong

The MacLehose trail is a 100km long hiking trail that's runs through the northern part of Hong Kong. I never thought that there would exist such a long hiking path in Hong Kong. HK is usually associated with skyscrapers and huge amount of people. But stepping just outside of the big buzzing city, lies some wonderful hiking paths. The MacLehose trail is divided into 10 sections with varying length. What is kind of nice is that there is a marker every 500 m, so you know where you are at any time.

We hiked the trail during 6 days on 9-14th Nov 2016. Our initial plan was to hike it in 5 days, but as we got a late start on the first day, we had to do it in 6 days instead. Just before hiking the trail, we spend some time in Taiwan and actually just flew to Hong Kong for 7 days to hike the trail. Luckily, we were able to leave most of our stuff that we did not need on the trail (including laptops, extra clothing, extra shoes, etc) in the hotel we stayed in for 6 days in Taiwan. It was s…