DAY 14 - Red’s Meadow to LAX

'At 7,600ft, Red's Meadow is the lowest elevation reached by the entire High Route,
except for its two end points.' - Steve Roper

Our final last day… We woke up early and hiked towards Devil’s Postpile. It a nice small National park and our final destination. From there we hitchhiked with an awesome older couple to Mammoth Lake. They were touring the national parks in their RV and had such a great living style. They dropped us off at a subways and gave us 20$ lunch money, this was soo sweat.

The mission for today was to head back to Los Angeles. We did not want to stay here any longer, as we were getting sad of not going on further. Unfortunately, there weren’t any rental car station in Mammoth Lakes and all busses already departed for the day. The US is definitely not very great with public transport. We sat in a coffee shop for a couple of hours to weight our cheapest and fastest option to get back to our stuff in LA. Finally, we managed to reserve a one-way rental at the airport of Mammoth Lake by Hertz. Although the on-way rental was crazy expensive we decided on that option.

We hitchhiked to the airport which was a 10min drive out of the city and once we talked to the Hertz, he told us that they canceled our reservation because they do not have any cars available for one way rental… What a bummer. Luckily, we were at an airport and there were still available seats for a plane getting into LA in the evening. Still expensive, but definitely the fastest option.

We chilled outside at the tiniest airport I ever went to, with our pack full of food for the next 7 days and reflecting on our trip. At that moment, everything was strange. One day ago, we were still in the middle of nature, far away from civilization, ready to tackle our next section and now we waited to board a plane getting us into LA.

One of our saddest but also happiest day. We were super sad about not being able to finish the route, but we were so amazed that we even went that far and finished the first two sections with all of our goals in mind. See you back in Sept 2017.