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Esther Mountain (NY, USA) - 4,239 ft (1,292 m)

On Nov 15th, 2015, we hiked up Esther Mountain in the Adirondacks. The weather forecast was sunny and it had snowed (above 1,000m) the day before. We left Montreal early in the morning and drove towards Lake Placid. We parked our car at a parking lot at the end of Marble Mt Road near the Atmospheric Science Research Centre. Parking is free and they have toilets there. We startet our hike at 9:40am and made it to the top of Esther at 12:05pm. The top of Esther doesn't have a good view. However, there were some nice look-outs before we reached the top. 
The trail below 1,000 had some icy patches and we had to watch out where to stand. None us of were wearing spikes, but most people we encountered had them. Above 1,000m, the trail had snow and was starting to get more and more icy. A lot of icy accumulated onto the big boulders along the trail making the trail very slippery. The trees were covered in snow/ice for the last stretch of the trail. As the day was very sunny and quite war…