Mount Langley (CA, USA) - 14,032 ft (4,277 m)

In September 2013, we hiked up three mountains that are all higher than 4,000m in five days. All of these were in the Sierra Nevada in California. The first mountain hiked was White Mountain Peak which is 14,252ft (4,344m). This was done in a one day hike. The next day, we did a two-day backpacking trip to Mount Langley. For this mountain you need to obtain a wilderness permit if you intend to stay overnight (here). The permits can be booked online, but must be picked-up in person at the Eastern Sierra Interagency in Lone Pine. The whole trip is 19.7 miles (31.7km) long with a height difference of 4,000 feet (1,219m). Be aware that this is a high altitude mountain. This requires you to drink at least 1gallon of water per person per day. Also, try to sleep in higher altitude the day before, so that you can already adapt to it. Additionally, this is an active bear area requiring you to carry a bear proof canister to store all your food and other scented products.

The first day we started hiking up at 12pm towards the Cottonwood lakes where we set up our tent for the night. We reached the lakes at 3:30pm, as most of the first day is very flat. Camping there is very beautiful and deers were around in the morning. The second day is more strenuous, as you're hiking up to the summit and reach higher altitudes. However, you can leave your heavy equipment in your tent at the Cottonwood lakes and carry a day pack up. On the second day we started our hike at 7am and went up the Old Army pass (as shown in the map below). The first section is very steep, but it looks much more dangerous from below than it actually is. So do not worry about the trail. Once you passed the first steep section, you're walking along the ridge. The trail is not marked but there are some cairn leading the way. The summit was reached at 10:30am and it was really cold and windy. But, the view is amazing and unbelievable. We saw Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in the lower 48 states of the US) from the top that we were going the hike up next.

Once back at the camp, we enjoyed warm cooked food, packed our bags and went all the way down to the car. We made it safely back at about 5:30pm.

Getting close to the Cottonwood Lakes. In the back you can see Mt. Langley.  
One of the Cottonwood Lakes. On the second day we hike up the at the end of the lake. On the top left,
you can see a small ridge where you walk up. 
This is the lake were we set up our camp and could refill our water. 

Deers telling us 'good morning'.  
The summit of Mt. Langley. 
Summit of Mt. Langley. Windy, tired and hungry ;-) But still enjoyed the view and the accomplishment. 
On the way back to the camp. This is the steeper part at the end of the lake.