Algonquin Peak (NY, USA) - 5,115ft (1,559m)

Algonquin Peak is the second highest mountain in New York state and one two of the 46ers of the Adirondack region. It rises 1,559m (5,115ft) high. Last weekend, we hiked to the top of the mountain with some pretty icy conditions up there. The hike itself is not difficult, but has sections with a lot of rock to stumble over and some flat (slippery) sections, but nothing serious. On the way to Algonquin peak, you can opt for a short (0.8 miles roundtrip) detour to Wright peak, which is the 16th highest peak in the Adirondacks with 1,398m (4,58ft).

The first couple of miles of the trail are very easy to walk. It can get muddy, but with good shoes that's no problem. 

This is about 1mile into the trail.  
View of Wright peak and almost about to pass the tree line on the way to Algonquin. 

Entering the Arctic-Alpine Plant zone. 
Last part of the trail to the top. On our hike, it was very icy on the top. Be very careful!
Made it to the top of Algonquin peak. View cleared up a bit afterwards ;-) 

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