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Hiking all 46 peaks above 4000ft of the Adirondacks, USA

Here is a list of all 46ers we hiked, plus GPS data (if available). As of July 2016, we have successfully hiked all 46 peaks and are members of the 46er club. The complete list of trip reports will follow.

RankMountainAltitudeDate HikedTrip ReportGPS Data1Mount Marcy5,344Jun 8, 2014Trip2Algonquin Peak5,114Jul 15, 2014Trip3Mount Haystack4,950Jun 8, 20144Mount Skylight4,9265Whiteface4,867Aug 4, 20136Dix4,8577Gray Peak4,8408Iroqouis Peak4,840Jul 5, 20149Basin Mountain4,827Jun 8, 201410Gothics4,736Aug 8, 201511Mount Colden4,714Jul 6, 201412Giant Mountain4,627Jan 31, 2016Trip13Nippletop4,620Sep 20,2015Trip14Santanoni Peak4,607Oct 11, 201515Mount Redfield4,606Jul 6, 201416Wright Peak4,580Jul 5, 201417Saddleback Mountain4,515Jun 8, 2014
18Panther Peak4,442Oct 11, 201519Tabletop4,427Jan 17, 2016Trip20Rocky Peak Ridge4,420Jan 31, 2016Trip21Macomb4,40522Armstrong4,400Aug 8, 201523Hough Peak4,40024Seward Mountain4,361Jul 3, 2016Trip25Mount Marshall4,360Oct 4, 2015Trip26Allen Mountain4,34027Big Sl…

Seward, Donaldson, Emmons & Seymour (NY,USA) - 4 more 46er peaks

On July 2-3, 2016, we did the Seward range in a 2-day hike. On the first day, we hiked Seymour (1,247m - 4,091ft) and summited Seward (1,325m - 4,347ft), Donaldson (1,252m - 4,108ft) and Emmons (1,231m - 4,039ft) on the second day. You will get four 46er peaks with this trip. Black flies and mosquitos were still present. 
We left Montreal at 6am on Saturday morning and headed straight to the Trailhead by Ampersand road. In the summer you can park directly at the trailhead, however, if you do this hike in the winter you have to park at the winter parking lot which adds another 3 miles (one-way) to your hike. At 10:30 am we started our hike. The first two hours follows along a marked foot path that is fairly flat. After about 15 min, you will reach a crossing, where the foot trail continues straight ahead and a horse trail to your right. We followed the foot trail as this is in better condition. After about 2 hrs (8.5 km), we reached the Ward Brook lean to which is the second out of fo…