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Mount Whitney (CA, USA) - 14,505ft (4,421m)

Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in the United States (apart from Alaska). It is at the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada in the state of California. On 4th September 2013, we started our two-day trip up this amazing mountain. The three days before we hiked up Mount Langley (2-day hike) and White Mountain Peak (1-day hike), both above 4,000m as well. We were therefore acclimatized for the high altitude these mountains have in common. It should be mentioned that in order to ascent Mount Whitney, a permit has to be obtained in advance and can be done here. A permit is required for 1-day hikes as well as overnight hikes. We were lucky enough to get a permit three weeks before our trip. Make sure you pack enough water with you as you need it for this high-altitude hike. We have a Katadyn water filter so that we were able to filter water from the lakes that you pass on the way up. Make sure that you only go up if the weather permits. The weather can change rapidly and you do not want …

Mount Langley (CA, USA) - 14,032 ft (4,277 m)

In September 2013, we hiked up three mountains that are all higher than 4,000m in five days. All of these were in the Sierra Nevada in California. The first mountain hiked was White Mountain Peak which is 14,252ft (4,344m). This was done in a one day hike. The next day, we did a two-day backpacking trip to Mount Langley. For this mountain you need to obtain a wilderness permit if you intend to stay overnight (here). The permits can be booked online, but must be picked-up in person at the Eastern Sierra Interagency in Lone Pine. The whole trip is 19.7 miles (31.7km) long with a height difference of 4,000 feet (1,219m). Be aware that this is a high altitude mountain. This requires you to drink at least 1gallon of water per person per day. Also, try to sleep in higher altitude the day before, so that you can already adapt to it. Additionally, this is an active bear area requiring you to carry a bear proof canister to store all your food and other scented products.

The first day we starte…

White Mountain Peak (CA, USA) - 14,252 ft (4,344m)

In September 2013, we did a trip to San Diego and the Sierra Nevada to hike three mountains over 4,000m in 5 consecutive days. The first stop was White Mountain Peak which is 14,252ft (4,344m) high and quite an easy hike if you don't take the high altitude in account. We drove towards Lone Pine and then into the Inyo National forest. To adapt a little bit for the high altitude we camped at the Grandview Campground at 8,500ft (2,590m). The campground has great night sky views! The spots are usually first-come first-serve. If you don't find a spot, ask someone if they want to share there spot, as the campsites are quite big. The campground costs $5 per site.
The next morning, we got into our car at around 7am. You need to drive another hour to go to the trailhead, a 4-wheel drive is preferable, but we saw people with normal cars as well. From the trailhead to the summit the hike is 7miles (11.3km) long with an elevation gain of only 2,600ft (800m). Camping is also allowed on th…